Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Get a massage!

I love massages, and I don't care who knows it!

I got a free 15 minute massage last Friday - courtesy of work....ahhhh it was great! Honestly it made me just want to go back home and sleep instead of going back to my desk (that's what I get for doing it first thing in the morning -- lesson learned).

I wouldn't say I'm an EXPERT massage-ist (is that the right word? :) ), but I've had quite a few in my short life. Every experience except for one has been absolutely wonderful. What's the "one", you ask? *sigh* it makes me so unrelaxed just thinking about it.

The Turkish Experience

I was in Turkey last spring for a week (Side note: it was amazing), and one day got back early to the hotel. I was the last client of the day...which probably didn't help things. The masseuse had been swamped, and I have no doubt she was just exhausted. She was nice enough, but the entire time I felt like she was rushed. No matter how long you've been giving massages that day, or how ready you are to leave, going slowly and making the client feel pampered should be the priority. I felt like I was an inconvenience to her. So besides being edgy about that, she was sick. She constantly stopped to blow her nose and then didn't wash her hands before touching me again.....Gross! AND, okay so she was pretty sweaty since she's been massaging non-stop for the past few hours, but at one point she got up on the table with me to give me a better stretch, but I had NO idea what she was doing. It was just unexpected...and with everything else during that massage, it was just really not good. Plus it was cut short. In case you didn't pick up on my vibe, it didn't relax me like I had hoped. I'll have to find some way to make up for it. Hehe

More Than Being Pampered


Massages are great for those who enjoy the fit lifestyle...sure, a Swedish massages feels awesome on sore muscles, but (painful - for me) connective tissue or deep tissue massages are great too! They increase circulation which helps to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste generated from resistance training. Additionally, they can speed up recovery, prevent injuries, increase your range of motion, reduce tension and pressure, increase your mental alertness, improve flexibility, promote better sleep, and - as we all know - help you relax!

Regardless of which kind of massage you get, you will reap the benefits! Go every couple weeks or so to release those tight muscles. After every massage I get, I tell myself I'm going to make it a regular thing. For some reason I can't get that to happen! I need to follow my own advice...startingggg now!

Fit Dame

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